Brewing Beer & Ales at Hesket Newmarket Brewery

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We are very proud of our beers and much care and attention goes into their production. It is this care and attention that is reflected in the quality of our award winning beers.

IngredientsThe Malt

Good beer starts with good malt and we use only the best English barley, which has been carefully malted and milled.


IngredientsThe Mash

Science tells us how much liquor (water) and malt to mix with a set quantity of grist (milled malt) and at what temperature and for how long. After this the skill and experience of the brewer takes over to provide the perfect conditions for extracting all the goodness from the malt into the mashing liquor to make the wort.


HopsThe Hops

Our brewer uses different hops from all over the world to create a range of differently flavoured beers.  The hops are boiled with the wort in the copper. All our hops are added in their natural whole leaf form.


Brewing processFermentation

Our tenderly boiled, hopped wort is gently cooled on its way to the scrupulously clean fermenting vessels where it is introduced to the yeast. One of the great tutors of brewing said, "Nurture your yeast, feed it well and treat it gently and it will produce that wonderful by-product of its existence, perfect beer". We treat our yeast with the greatest respect and lots of TLC; we hope its response is self-evident in our beers!


Beer barrelsRacking into casks

After three days fermenting and three days resting, the beer is racked into casks which have been scrupulously cleaned and sterilised. Best quality isinglass finings is added to clear the remaining yeast and the full casks are put into store for about a week to allow the beer to mature. After this (if we've resisted the temptation to drink it ourselves!) it is despatched to the publican for you to enjoy.